The diversity of concerns and the competence in which he acts to give sustainable things - both scientific as well as artistic - confirms he is an humanist scholar. His works in the field of Cybernetics are well known in the country and abroad, and as a writer and painter he proves to be a polyvalent scholar. I don't think there are cultural, spiritual domain, not to surprise you with its information and accurate judgment. He loves to know and his travels overseas are propelled just by his spirit of knowing and transmitting his experiences toward his fellows. I think his books were born in this way: "Alone among the Americans" (in English version as well), or "Greece-Travel Notes". Inquisitive spirit led him, obviously, to meditation and analysis, and, from here, to moral judgment of great finesse and balance. In the classics line? Of Course! And so, he wrote the books: "Between two ideals", "Tradition or Free Arbiter?", "Aphorisms". The form is that of the essay, in the style of Montaigne, Montesquieu, but also of Lessing or Pascal.

The books of literary resistance are: "Memoirs of a Adult Puppy" and especially "A Boulder Philosophy". The stylistic range is comprehensive and of a real expressive force, moving with real sincerity on both fable and allegory, but also on that of the hyperbola and Rablesiene symbol. And of course, the sharp satire, the irony and caricature, are spun - as the writer Doru Munteanu says in the preface of one of the books - with the masterfully of fencing.

It's pleasant the writing of Mr. Cristache Gheorghiu; has the refinement and height. And as a portraitist, you immediately recognize him by his force of lines and colours. Mr. Gheorghiu is an artist-writer, which was formed in time, with carefully and requirement.

I heartily recommend him for Romanian Writers' Union, thanks to his exemplary qualities.

Ion Popescu-Topolog

Braşov, 16 September 2011